Asbestos Litigation Attorneys

Contemporary asbestos litigation bears little resemblance to asbestos litigation in previous decades. In the past 30 years, asbestos claims have forced more than 100 companies that manufactured products containing asbestos, such as insulation and cement, into bankruptcy. The absence of these manufacturers has eliminated many of the responsible parties and has emboldened plaintiff attorneys to bring new claims against companies that only had incidental involvement with asbestos.

Since 1995, attorneys at Governo Law Firm have successfully represented clients throughout the course of this change. We understand how to defend claims within the unique legislative and legal environment that frames asbestos litigation and other toxic tort actions. We know how much companies have at stake in these matters, and work tirelessly to prevent our clients from falling victim to the ever-expanding threat of asbestos litigation.

A Regional and National Resource

We are founding members of the Asbestos Liability Risk Assessment (ALRA) Group. As members of this group, we offer proactive advice and assessments to companies regarding their prospective asbestos-related risk that may arise in the future. We use the knowledge we have gained as a part of this organization to assist clients in Massachusetts and nationally.

Our firm currently represents more than 50 companies in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. We also serve as National Coordinating Counsel. Our decades of regional and nationwide experience make us especially adept at serving the needs of businesses facing asbestos-related litigation.

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