Insurance and Reinsurance

Proven Results in Insurance Defense Matters

Accepted into the prestigious Best's Directory of Recommended Insurance Attorneys, Governo Law Firm has a reputation for success in the litigation of insurance coverage disputes. We have experience in many different types of insurance from professional and commercial general liability, to property and homeowners policies.

Since our firm opened its doors in 1995, we have litigated claims based on subrogation, product liability, insurer's duty to defend, construction defects and other insurance coverage-based claims. Based on our attorneys' understanding of the unique requirements of insurance carriers, we prepare a detailed litigation plan for each case to ensure efficient defense strategy, effective cost management and successful case resolution. Our lawyers serve the needs of insurance carriers in Massachusetts and the Northeast, as well as throughout the nation.

Interpreting Obligations Under Insurance Agreements

Our attorneys are well-versed in the nuances and intricacies that impact an insurance company's obligations under an insurance agreement. We have helped many carriers assess the facts, agreements and law involved in specific situations, and offered guidance as to whether the situation falls within the purview of the contract terms. The advice we offer is grounded in proven analytical strategies and a dedication to remaining at the forefront of developments in the field of insurance law. This allows our clients to rest assured that when we offer an opinion regarding whether they have an obligation under a contract, they receive trusted advice that protects their interests.

Regulatory Guidance

We provide guidance and advice on the application of relevant insurance statutes and regulations in many contexts, including in coverage disputes, the drafting of policy wording, acquisitions, claims operations and entry into a new jurisdiction or market niche.


Our insurance practice extends beyond typical coverage and liability matters and into the realm of reinsurance issues. When questions arise related to a carrier underwriting a policy or having a policy underwritten due to the value or risk involved, we provide insightful counsel insurance companies require.

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