March 2015 NENA Meeting Discusses Nano-Driven Innovations from Mobile Phones to Futbol


We attended the March 2015 meeting of the New England Nanotechnology Association, which was held at the offices of Prince Lobel Tye LLP and hosted by William S. Rogers Jr. The meeting, which marked the third year of existence for the flourishing group, focused on the success stories of New England companies designing nano-enabled products that are revolutionizing a diverse array of fields including military technology, cellular phones, product packaging and even international soccer.

Dr. Anton L. Geiler, President of Metamagnetics, Inc. and NENA board member, discussed issues related to business start-ups and funding sources in the nanotechnology industry. He also gave an overview of the technology being researched and developed by Metamagnetics, which has applications that will help drive the size of technology to even smaller and thinner dimensions.

Dr. Murali Sethumadhavan, Commercial Innovation Director of Rogers Corporation discussed new product breakthroughs in nanotechnology that the Connecticut-based company is incorporating into protective foams which will improve product durability, improve options for product packaging and shipping, and result in more protective sporting equipment. For example, the Poron Xrd foam designed by Rogers corporation is being used to develop improved protective gear for soccer players, including goalie shirts with greater chest protection and thin lightweight shin guards that offer a greater coverage area and rigid protection upon impact. The same foam is also coveted for use in protective cases for portable technology such as cellular telephones and tablet computers.

The meeting concluded with a roundtable discussion of topics of interest to group members, planning for next year and an invitation to interested presenters.

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