National Asbestos Awareness Week: Part Two


To follow up on our prior post about Asbestos Awareness Week, we would like to identify technical guidance material that can help keep those who might come into contact with asbestos safe. One of the difficulties that homeowners and contractors encounter, while undertaking renovation or restoration projects, is the potential to encounter asbestos-containing products installed long ago. There are serious fines and potential health consequences when untrained workers encounter asbestos. It is impossible to definitively identify the presence of asbestos by visual inspection alone. As a result, the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) released two Fact Sheets addressing asbestos issues that restoration contractors may encounter in the course of their restoration projects. Mr. Governo was one of the peer reviewers who participated in the drafting of these documents.

The comprehensive version of the RIA Asbestos Fact Sheet covers health issues, regulations, classes of asbestos work, hazard communication, training, control measures as well as helpful resources. Both the comprehensive version of the Asbestos Fact Sheet as well as the abridged version can be downloaded for free from the RIA website, through the RIA store. Please be aware of the potential hazard posed by old asbestos and take the appropriate action.

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