Naturally Occurring Asbestos: Public Health and Civil Litigation Considerations
Most people associate the term "asbestos" with an ingredient removed from commercial or building products years ago. Few think about in connection with hiking, horseback riding or gardening. Yet, asbestos is a fibrous mineral naturally occurring in rock. Over the past few years, knowledge about the natural occurrences of asbestos in soil and rock has been increasingly documented.
Mr. Governo Appointed as Voting Member of ASTM's Nanotechnology Committee
Mr. Governo has been appointed to the role of voting member of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Committee E56 on Nanotechnology.
Local Asbestos-Removal Company Faces Hefty Fines
A&E Environmental Inc., a licensed Leominster-based asbestos-removal contractor, has been fined just under $20,000 citing failure to follow state asbestos removal regulations. The fines were handed down by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) who noticed asbestos-containing insulation materials during a March 2013 inspection at a private home in Millbury.
Emerging Evidence Suggests Link Between Nanotechnology and Sick Workers
An article published in the August 14th issue of Forbes magazine proposes that the use of nanoparticles, both in manufacturing and consumer goods, may pose serious health risks to workers. The article cites an incident report in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine in which a 26-year old chemist developed symptoms of throat irritation, nasal congestion and skin rash after handling nanoparticle nickel powder used in the making of ink fluid.
Governo Law Firm Welcomes Alexander Green and Brennah Montague
We are pleased to announce that Alexander Green has joined the firm as an Associate. Brennah Montague has joined as a Paralegal.
Brendan Gaughan Discusses Cyber Fraud at the ARS Annual Insurance Symposium
Brendan Gaughan recently co-presented with Alan Goldsworthy of RazorThreat on the topic of cyber fraud at the ARS Annual Insurance Symposium at Gillette Stadium on June 31st.
Nancy Kelly to Speak on Cyber Security at the 2014 CPCU Society Annual Meeting
Governo Law Firm LLC is pleased to announce that our partner Nancy Kelly will be one of the presenters at the September 21st Annual Meeting session "Breaches, Hacks, Stolen IDs, Oh My!
Mr. Governo Appointed to FDCC Admissions Committee
We are pleased to announce that Mr. Governo has been appointed to serve on the Admissions Committee of The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC).
Newly Formed Alliance: Premier Resource for Indoor Environmental Quality
On June 29th, the Indoor Environmental Quality - Global Alliance (IEQ-GA) was formed. The mission of IEQ-GA is to provide an acceptable indoor environmental quality (thermal environment-indoor air quality-lighting-acoustic) to occupants in buildings and places of work around the world and to make sure the knowledge from research on IEQ gets implemented in practice.
Worcester Contractor Sentenced to Jail for Asbestos and Child Endangerment Violations
Daniel Watterson, a Worcester-area plumbing and heating contractor, was ordered to serve 60 days of a 2-year jail sentence for a child endangerment charge and asbestos violations. This sentence came after a Worcester Superior Court jury found Watterson guilty of three charges of violating the Massachusetts Clean Air Act for Failure to File Notices of Asbestos Removal with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), Improper Removal of Asbestos-Containing Material, Improper Disposal of Asbestos-Containing Materials, as well as Child Endangerment. This was the first use of the child endangerment statute in an asbestos case, extending the trend by regulators to use all appropriate laws and regulations to maximize penalties in asbestos removal violation cases....
Medicare Liens and Their Impact on Litigation
Colin N. Holmes attended a Boston Bar Association program on June 24th regarding liens and their impact on litigation and settlement. The lecture discussed statutory and contractual liens with a focus on Medicare liens and the requirements of the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007, Section 111 ("MMSEA"). MMSEA imposes reporting obligations on attorneys and plaintiffs when there has been a settlement, judgment, or award in a legal action involving a Medicare recipient.
Massachusetts Asbestos Regulations Amended
The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has amended the Massachusetts air pollution control regulations (310 CMR 7.00 and 310 CMR 7.15) to update and streamline the environmental rules for managing asbestos in Massachusetts demolition and renovation projects. The revised regulations became effective on June 20, 2014.

The regulation governs the renovation or demolition of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and requires that all owners, operators and contractors adhere to a series of asbestos-related notification requirements and procedures for controlling asbestos emissions using air cleaning equipment and proper disposal. The MassDEP amended the regulation to impose additional requirements for notification and implementation of asbestos abatement projects that are more consistent with the federal asbestos air pollution regulations (NESHAP).

Attorney Gaughan to Speak on Cyber Fraud at the ARS Annual Insurance Symposium
Regulatory compliance, in conjunction with good data privacy practices, are the key steps needed to reduce the risk of cyber fraud and the fines, costly remediation and harm to a company's reputation that often result from it. Governo Law Firm attorney Brendan Gaughan will be presenting on this topic at the ARS Annual Insurance Symposium on July 31, 2014. He will provide an overview of the....
Important Changes to the Massachusetts Environmental Regulations
The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection ("MassDEP") has recently promulgated the first set of significant changes to the Massachusetts Contingency Plan ("MCP") in eight years, these changes cover a wide variety of environmental issues. The purpose of the MCP is to establish standards and procedures for cleaning up oil or hazardous materials ("OHM") at contaminated sites.
New Nanotechnology Study Shows Particle Size Related to Health Impacts
In our defense of product manufacturers over the past decades, we monitor developments in science and medicine and participate in numerous technical organizations. One area we follow is the burgeoning development of commercial nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is widely used in consumer products. Emerging research documents potential health hazards associated with some nanotechnology applications.
Announcing New Article: Legal Implications of Nanotechnology Developments
Nanotechnology manufacturing is on the rise but so too are concerns regarding its health and environmental impacts. Governo Law Firm attorneys Sarah E. O'Leary and David M. Governo recently published an article in the June issue of Claims Magazine, entitled "Size v. Substance: Consumer Expectations and Nanomaterials in Products.
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