Attorney David Goldman Wins Summary Judgment in Rhode Island Asbestos Matter


On April 22, 2015, Governo Law Firm partner David Goldman successfully argued a motion for summary judgment on behalf of two Firm clients. On July 22, 2015, Judge Alice Gibney, who presides over the Rhode Island asbestos litigation, issued a 70-page decision granting summary judgment in the Harold Baumgartner matter, Civil Action No. 13-4151. Judge Gibney accepted the argument that Ohio law should apply, and, accordingly, held that Ohio's statute of repose barred certain claims while Ohio's "bare metal" law barred other claims. Our Firm was at the forefront of defense efforts to have Ohio law apply in order to take advantage of that state's asbestos law with respect to the statute of repose and bare metal. Ultimately, these arguments prevailed. Notably, there are other cases filed in Rhode Island in which Ohio law should apply, so this decision has ramifications outside of this immediate case.

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