Bryna Misiura Presents at the 2014 Annual Conference of the Emerging and Environmental Claims Managers Association (EECMA)


Governo Law Firm partner Bryna Misiura recently co-presented with Charles Weaver, Ph.D. at the 2014 EECMA Annual Conference in early May on the topic "Does Refreshing Recollection Create Memories? The Legal and Scientific Basis for Evaluating Witness Memory in Litigation." They discussed widely-held misconceptions that jurors and lay people have with respect to memory, as well as the types of cases where working with memory experts have the real potential to change the outcome of a case. For example, they discussed how deposition or trial preparation can alter the so-called "memory" of an eyewitness without even the witness recognizing the change. Thus, memory expert testimony has the ability to explain why a witness' testimony may seem credible, yet still be flawed. Finally, Ms. Misiura discussed how to combat legal challenges to this testimony, as well as useful practice tips for working with memory experts.

If you would like additional information about this presentation, please contact Bryna Misiura at [email protected] for more information.