David Governo Discusses Wearable Technology at the America's Claims Event (ACE) in June


David Governo will be speaking at the Annual America's Claims Event (ACE) on June 23rd in Minneapolis, MN. Now in its 20th year, the ACE event is one of the only industry conferences designed specifically for claims professionals looking to get ahead. The conference will address the claims handling process from every perspective-including technology, customer service, fraud and litigation.

Mr. Governo's session, Healthy Apps? User Friendly or Info Sharing Sites?, will explore the topic of wearable technology and self-tracking devices such as Fitbits and smart watches. In an age where so much personal information is being gathered and stored, these devices have the potential to provide a goldmine of critical evidence in personal injury and other types of claims. Mr. Governo will address the legal implications of tracking a user's personal data, the admissibility of the data into evidence at trial, as well as ethical and privacy concerns.

If you would like to learn more about this conference, please visit: http://www.americasclaimsevent.com/ehome/136106/342530/.

If you are involved in claims or potential claims related to wearable technology and would like to discuss further, please contact David Governo at 617.737.9047 or [email protected].