Don’t Be Doomed to Repeat History: Analyzing the Current National Statistics in Asbestos Litigation Will Improve Your Defense Strategy


Governo Law Firm LLC, a founding member of Asbestos Liability Risk Assessment (ALRA) Group, announces the release of ALRA's 9th Annual Asbestos Claims and Litigation Report for 2015. To view the full report, please click here. This report contains the latest data on the most important national trends that asbestos defendants and insurers can put to use now. Our data collection and analysis interprets ten years of asbestos claims nationally and includes these game-changing factors:

  • Implications of the evolving dynamic of the disease mix in asbestos claims
  • Impact of increased TV advertising for asbestos claimants
  • Status of corporate bankruptcy filings and the impact on solvent corporations
  • The decreasing number of new case filings and why this is still bad news

More than any other litigation, asbestos litigation has developed predictable trends, patterns and cycles. We analyze national data and local issues to spot the trends and develop strategic and comprehensive defense plans for corporations and insurers. Each ALRA Group member firm has over thirty years of asbestos defense experience. Put our expertise to use. For more information on how we can help you achieve your goals, call David Governo at 617-737-9045.

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