From Facebook to the Courtroom: How Social Media Defamation Claims Can Protect and Harm Your Business


David Governo and William Gallitto recently published an article titled, Your Online Reputation: Protecting Your Company From Social Media Defamation, in the September issue of CLEANING & RESTORATION journal. The article explores: (1) how companies can use defamation lawsuits to protect their online reputation, and (2) how companies can minimize their own liability for online defamatory statements. A company's reputation in today's digital age is heavily influenced by internet reviews, product and service ratings, and user comments. Defamatory online statements hurt sales and profits. Companies previously tried to ignore these negative reviews, but this tactic is no longer working. Companies are no longer helpless when online reviewers - even anonymous ones - post defamatory statements about their product or service. A defamation lawsuit can allow a business to recover the loss it suffers and protect a business' online reputation. Conversely, businesses should take steps to minimize their own liability from defamatory online statements. A company's own public communications, whether made by the CEO or a newly hired employee managing its Facebook or Twitter page, can be the basis of a defamation lawsuit, if the statements are untrue and cause monetary damage. Thus, it is important to monitor what statements your business is making on any social media platform. Social media has revolutionized how businesses and consumers interact. Companies need to adapt to protect themselves and succeed.

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