GLF Attorney Vincent DePalo to Deliver Legal Ethics Lecture at Northeastern University

Vincent N. DePalo, has been invited to present a lecture at Northeastern University's Doctor of Law and Policy Program on the topic of legal ethics. Mr. DePalo will discuss the overlap and distinctions between legal ethics and general ethics, as well as the relationship of these concepts with morality. The lecture will explore a series of practical ethical struggles, including the intersection between zealously advocating for a client and maintaining effective business relations.

Northeastern's Doctor of Law and Policy program is designed for experienced professionals who are interested in the origins, development, implementation, and analysis of legal and public policy decisions in government and related institutions. The program prepares its participants, who are all experienced corporate executives, to advance their careers within a variety of fields while focusing their thesis research on a precise law and policy topic.

Mr. DePalo's lecture is one of Governo Law Firm's Pro Bono projects aimed at improving our civil justice system and society. To learn more, please contact Vincent DePalo at (617) 532-9211 or [email protected].