Governo Law Firm Attorneys Publish Article on Admissibility of Decedent's Testimony


Governo Law Firm attorneys David M. Governo and Corey M. Dennis recently published an article entitled "Speaking from the Grave: The Admissibility of a Decedent's Testimony" in the FDCC Quarterly. The FDCC Quarterly is the quarterly law journal of the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel, an organization comprised of practicing defense attorneys and corporate counsel. (The article was published last week, though it notes a publication date of Summer 2012 due to a delay in publication.)

The article discusses the issues relating to the admissibility of a decedent's testimony-including the applicable rules of procedure, rules of evidence, and state Dead Man's Statutes-as well as the applicability of the state Dead Man's Statutes in federal court. These issues arise in a wide variety of civil cases, but most often arise in wrongful death actions, including toxic tort and product liability actions.

Please contact David Governo ([email protected]) or Corey Dennis ([email protected]) for further information regarding the admissibility of a decedent's testimony, or defending wrongful death cases generally.