How to Limit Cyber Security Risks and Respond to Cyber Security Breaches


On February 11, 2013, we attended an American Bar Association Continuing Legal Education program entitled "How to Limit Cyber Security Risks and Respond to Cyber Security Breaches." The speakers were:

  1. Allen C. Goolsby, Special Counsel, Hunton & Williams LLP;
  2. David B. Burg, Principal, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP;
  3. Jody Westby, CEO, Global Cyber Legal LLC; and
  4. John W. Woods, Jr., Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP.

The panel discussed the cyber security risks that all businesses, including law firms-both large and small-face today, and ways to minimize these risks. They noted that although there has been a dramatic increase in the volume and sophistication of cyber attacks over the past few years, many businesses still do not view data breaches as significant threats until they actually experience a breach.

The panel emphasized the importance of implementing effective data security measures, including encryption and passwords, and educating high-level executives (e.g., CEOs, general counsel) about cyber risks. They also stressed the importance of properly documenting cyber security incidents and involving outside counsel to preserve applicable privileges in the event of such incidents.

Data breach incidents have become increasingly common in the digital age, and this program effectively highlighted these emerging risks.

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