Learn How to Win Trials and Mediations at the DRI Asbestos Medicine Conference in November

David Governo will be presenting new jury research at the annual DRI Asbestos Medicine Conference. Mr. Governo will be on a panel on "Understanding Jurors' Generational Differences to Win at Trials and Mediations". The panel will include insights from Dr. Mary Noffsinger, a litigation consultant from Courtroom Sciences and Jack Delany, a partner at Delany & McBride.

Mr. Governo, Ms. Noffsinger and Mr. Delany recently sponsored, designed and conducted a jury research study to evaluate jurors' attitudes about product defect claims. The study focused on failure to warn claims involving nanoparticle-based sunscreens and clothing designed with nanotechnology. The study also assessed differing attitudes among Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. The research performed indicates that modern United States jurors are critical of any lack of notice or warning about a product containing potentially harmful ingredients, even if the potential harm is speculative. The findings about generational differences were published in For The Defense. At the DRI Asbestos Conference, the panel will discuss the impact of these findings on defending asbestos claims and share best practices for better understanding and persuading jurors, judges, mediators and opposing counsel.

The two-day conference will be held November 6th and 7th at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. For additional information about asbestos litigaiton or our jury study, please contact David Governo at [email protected].