Three Ways Members Can Reduce Their Legal Liability


The key to reducing your liability is to adopt a philosophy and practice of protecting yourself at all times. Buy insurance, but consider these three points:

1. Know your job, do your job, and document your work. Know your industry's standard practices and train your workers to perform to these levels. If you deviate from the standard, have a good reason, get the customer's approval, and document it all. Your workers' poor choices will be the genesis of most claims.

2. Stay within your field of expertise. Do not offer medical advice by promising that your work will make the building "healthier" or risk breaching an arcane regulation by venturing into a field you do not know.

3. Manage customers' expectations. Avoid over promising results you don't deliver in your contract or on your website. Respond quickly to complaints. Caveat: some people are never happy. Walk away from customers who are likely to be problems.

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