Using Personal Data Tracking to Investigate Claims: Make that Fitbit a Lie Detector


Read the Cover Story of the July issue of Claims Magazine to learn how wearable technology and self-tracking devices can play an increasingly important role in claims and litigation. Authored by Governo Law Firm attorneys David Governo and Susan Devlin, the article explains how devices such as Fitbits, smart watches, blood monitors and other wearables have the potential to provide a goldmine of critical evidence in personal injury and other types of claims.

Many attorneys and claims professionals are already becoming more resourceful when it comes to investigating claims. Gathering and extracting data from personal devices can be another tool to aid that process. The article outlines how to acquire the data and all related issues, including authentication/chain of custody, the admissibility of the data into evidence at trial and ethical and privacy concerns. To read the full text, please click here.

On May 23, 2016 Mr. Governo presented the "Make that Fitbit a Lie Detector" topic at the 20th Annual America's Claims Event ( in Minneapolis. As insurers look to improve their claims investigation process and success, they rely on the use of cutting-edge technology and ideas, such as mining data from claimants' own devices.