Scientific, Medical and Technical Expertise

Our reputation, based on decades of experience and success in cases involving complex scientific, medical and technical issues, has attracted a variety of clients to our firm. Since our firm was founded in 1995, we have represented many academic and industry leaders in a variety of legal matters, from intellectual property issues to libel and breach of contract. We serve as counsel to clients in Massachusetts, across the Northeast and throughout the United States.

By examining the science of the future, we position our clients for success in the present.


Our attorneys routinely work with scientific and technical experts to build strategic defense cases on behalf of our clients. We possess the extensive knowledge and focused training necessary to maximize the power and value of the testimony that these experts provide during the course of litigation.

Emerging Trends

Our focus on technical topics is not limited to active litigation. We strive to remain ahead of the curve and develop a knowledge base of emerging issues before they lead to actual legal claims. We routinely publish articles and give presentations on these developing topics. Our diligent research has allowed us to address cutting-edge topics such as whether formaldehyde exposure is related to fertility issues, whether bisphenol can affect consumers and how social media defamation can impact a company.

Recently, we have put a significant effort into exploring potential matters that may arise in the future related to nanotechnology.


We provide consulting services regarding emerging scientific, medical and technical topics to businesses across the nation. In this capacity, our lawyers help companies proactively address any prospective issues that may appear in the future, and minimize liability before it ever arises.

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