Healthy Housing and Indoor Air Quality Claims

Governo Law Firm is committed to protecting the interests of clients in healthy housing claims involving indoor air quality and other situations involving alleged exposure to toxins. Our dedication to this area of law is unparalleled, and includes firm founder David Governo serving as the Chairman of the Board at Healthy Housing Solutions, a respected residential environmental health and safety consulting firm. From our office in Massachusetts, we serve the toxic tort and healthy housing needs of clients in New England and throughout the country.

Indoor Air Quality

Legal liability related to indoor air quality — including situations involving chemicals, radon and mold — is broad and rapidly changing. Our clients are constantly facing new laws, regulations and industry standards. The increased public attention that indoor air quality issues have received impacts our clients both positively and negatively. Although these changes have created new opportunities for our clients, they also present new challenges and liabilities. Proactive risk management is mandatory in these changing times.

We represent indoor air quality clients in two major capacities. First, we counsel new and established companies (involved in manufacturing or service-oriented aspects of indoor air quality) about protective legal planning and marketing opportunities. Second, we prosecute and defend indoor air quality litigation.


Our attorneys also provide creative solutions to those facing litigation related to:

  • Asbestos: One of the more commonly known toxic substances, asbestos was often used as insulation in a wide range of residential and commercial buildings.
  • Spray polyurethane foam: Also known as SPF, this substance has been used as insulation in homes in recent years and has been the subject of much indoor air quality research.
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls: Providing insulation at a smaller scale, these are commonly used in building materials, electronics and lighting.
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